440 Magnum V-8 Engine Specifications

The Dodge 440 Cubic Inch 4 Barrel Magnum V-8.
Above: The Dodge 440 Cubic Inch 4 Barrel Magnum V-8.

The 440 magnum V-8 engine features a special four-barrel carburetor, special longer duration camshaft, low-restriction exhaust manifolds, large-diameter dual exhaust system. New pistons reduce compression ratio and hydrocarbon emissions. Heated inlet air system. Faster acting choke. Solenoid-throttle stop causes the throttle blades to close completely when the ignition is turned off preventing “after-running.”

Engine Type: OHV V-8

Piston Displacement: 440 cu. in.

Bore and Stroke: 4.32” x 3.75″

Compression Ratio: 9.7 to 1

Horsepower @ RPM: 375 @ 4600

Torque, lb-ft. @ RPM: 480 @ 3200

Fuel Recommended: Premium

Standard Axle Ratios: 3.54 w/4-speed manual-sure grip or 3.23 w/automatic

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